Stan's NoTubes Alpha 340 Comp Rear Wheels

  • Front wheel sold separately

  • Front wheel sold separately

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Shimano / 10x130mm
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The Alpha 340 Comp offers tubeless technology in a classic ultralight road wheelset. Built around speed, durability, and serviceability, the Alpha 340 Comp is ready for competition at any level for a fraction of the cost of many competitors' wheelsets. Lighter by design, the lower profile sidewalls and lighter shape of Alpha rims allows them to accelerate faster and ascend like a true climbers' wheel. The Alpha also delivers superior control. Tubeless or used with tubes, the Alpha's rim shape lets your tire expand to its true volume to improve cornering in all conditions. The Alpha 340 Comp’s Neo hub features a 4 pawl, 36-Point (10°) system for rapid engagement. Further machining of the Neo CNC shell shaves additional weight. The Neo hub includes larger bearings, and a stronger, stiffer, shoulderless axle that provides unmatched strength and reliability. The laser-etched SealLock end caps lock into place and roll smoother. Sapim's Force spokes are both light and exceptionally strong, while also being aerodynamic. When combined with specific Road Tubeless tires, the Alpha offers a ride normally only found with tubular tires and rims, but maintains the simplicity and low maintenance of a clincher.


- For road and cyclocross
- Bead Socket Technology (BSTR) for superior tubeless performance
- Neo hubs accelerate quicker and last longer
- Wide, low-profile rim design for better cornering and faster rolling
- Compatible with Shimano and Campagnolo 9, 10, and 11-speed cassettes
- Compatible with road tubeless-specific clinchers and conventional clinchers when used with tubes
- 2 layers of 21mm yellow tape and 44 mm valves installed for tubeless use

Features & Info

Tubeless-ready rims

Tubeless Rim/Tire Cross-Section

Tubeless-ready rims are compatible with both standard and tubeless-ready tires. When a tubeless-ready tire is mounted on a tubeless-ready rim with special tubeless rim tape, valve, and sealant, the tire and rim form an airtight chamber that no longer requires a tube. This lets you run lower tire pressure with less fear of pinch flats and without the added weight of a tube. Lower tire pressure has many benefits, including greater traction and lower rolling resistance over rough surfaces. The rim can always be used with a tube, as well, by simply removing the tubeless valve stem and installing a standard tube like you would with any non-tubeless tire.


Alpha 340 Comp
Rim Material
6061 Aluminum Alloy
Rim Depth
Rim Width
17.0mm Internal
20.0mm External
Spokes (Front/Rear)
Sapim Force Black 2.0/1.7/1.8mm
Holes (Front/Rear)
Sapim Secure Lock Alloy Silver
Weight (Front/Rear)
385g (Rim)
Cassette Compatibility
Shimano/Campagnolo 9, 10 & 11 Speed
Valve Type
44mm Presta
2 layers of 21mm yellow tape and 44 mm valves installed for tubeless use