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redbike Club Group Rides

Please check the updates below


1. Monday Night Trail Rides:

This is a mountain bike group ride meeting at Rosso Pizzeria at 6:15 pm and leaving at 6:30 pm.  Rosso Pizzeria is the restaurant located across the street from redbike. We are located at 10918-88 Ave.  This is intended to be a fun trail ride for all levels of mountain biking with a "no drop" rule, but you are required to have some basic cycling skills since we will be riding as much technical singletrack as we can find.  While the group leaders will be carrying extra equipment, we would recommend that each rider be self sufficient.

2. Wednesday Night Optional Rides:

This is a club member optional night where we change the rides every week. Some days we will go for a race pace mountain bike ride, an adventurous cross ride or if the weather doesn't allow us to go for a ride, we will do a trail maintenance night. Please check the updates below for more information for the week's Wednesday rides.

3. Thursday Night Trail Rides:

This mountain bike ride is intended for the seasoned trail rider who wishes to go out and ride the trails at a consistent pace but doesn't necessarily want to bust a lung. We will link the more techinical trails and session them if need be for a fun night of riding. This will be considered a "gentleman's/gentlewoman's ride" so make sure you are self sufficient if you want to join the group. We still meet up at Rosso at 6:15pm leaving at 6:30pm.

4. Sundays, there is a trail ride meeting at 11:00am.  This is an interclub fun ride where we just head out on the trails and recover from the weekend activities.

There will be rides added and cancelled throughout the year depending on weather, group leader availability, races and other unforeseen events, so please check the updates below. Please note that if you plan on racing or joining us on frequent club rides, you are required to purchase a club membership.  This includes the insurance that would cover each rider in the group.  There are two options for club membership:  The first is at a cost of $99 and includes the ABA membership, insurance, redbike T-shirt, 15% off accessories/parts and guaranteed good times.  The second membership costs $150 and is the same as the first option, but you get a redbike race jersey instead of a t-shirt.


redbike Race Team

Anyone who wishes to join the redbike race team, please contact Brent or Mark at the store.  It really is a fun experience and will help you improve all aspects of your cycling.  I just do it for the 15% off discount for team members.

May 17th, 2015

Hey kids. Hope you are having a lovely long weekend. The holiday Monday ride applies for tomorrow so our usual Monday night trail ride starts at 11:00am at Rosso. See everyone then.

Kokanee Redbike Fat Tire Tuesday #2

We're hosting Fat Tire Tuesday back at Terwillegar park this Tuesday evening, so come on out for some racing fun. Sign on starts around 6:00ish, and racing starts at 7:00. Remember, all Redbike club members get to race for free, which means you can spend that $5 on beer instead of your race entry!


Check out the lap here: https://www.strava.com/activities/305207314


May13th, 2015

Well, with weather like this why wouldn't we go for a fast mountain bike ride tonight. Rosso at 6:30 for a ripper of a ride.

May 6, 2015

Welcome to the first Thursday Night Trail love session.

Since the trails are still going to be wet from todays snow we are going to get out for trail work. Everyone is welcome to join.


·       We will be leaving Rosso at 6:30 pm and arriving back at Rosso at 8:30.


·       We will be working on The Kinsmen trail network.

What to Bring:

·       Water

·       Snack

·       Redbike has limited tools so please bring your own hand sheers, hedge clippers, and pruning shears.

·       Dress for the weather. Check the forecast before leaving. It is supposed to be sunny but below ten degrees Celsius.

·       Sturdy foot wear. It is going to be slippery on the clay.

I hope to see everyone at 6:30.

May 6, 2015

Thanks to all the folks who came out to race at the first Fat Tire Tuesday race. It was a great turn out with perfect trail conditions out in Terwillegar, and we just finished up the race before the rain and snow started falling. Speaking of snow. It is obvious that we are taking today off from any rides due to the weather, but it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so stay tuned to see if the trails are dried out by then for out Thursday trail ride.

April 29th 2015

Thanks to all the people who showed up for the second Monday night trail ride. The weather was pretty much perfect and amazing for an April ride with 20ish people showing up. Remember that the next ride is this Thursday for a faster trail ride with Brad at Rosso at 6:30.

April 29th 2015

Since rain is projected for tonight and the opening of the Marinoni movie is tonight at Metro Cinema, we are going to watch the movie and relax. See you Thursday night.

April 22nd, 2015

It was a beautiful Monday for the first group ride of the year. The trails are perfect without mosquitoes or crazy people, yet. Wednesdays are now an optional ride night focusing on race pace group rides which we may combine rides with Hardcore or Pedalhead. Thursday's ride is looking iffy due to the recent and projected rain as we do not wish to damage the trails in the early season. Stay tuned

April 23, 2015

Looks like the rain is very sparse so we are going to go for our Thursday night trail ride tonight. Rosso at 6:30pm for a steady trail ride.

April 15th 2015

After some reconnaissance rides this week, we are happy to announce that the redbike club rides are going start next week Monday the 20th. Since it's going to be the first ride of the year, expect it to be a fun and causal ride. It's, of course, an ABA sanctioned ride so please have your redbike club membership all sorted. We are meeting at Rosso at 6:15pm and leaving at 6:30pm for a 2ish hour ride.