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redbike Club Group Rides

Please check the updates below


1. Monday Night Trail Rides:

This is a mountain bike group ride meeting at Rosso Pizzeria at 6:15 pm and leaving at 6:30 pm.  Rosso Pizzeria is the restaurant located across the street from redbike. We are located at 10918-88 Ave.  This is intended to be a fun trail ride for all levels of mountain biking with a "no drop" rule, but you are required to have some basic cycling skills since we will be riding as much technical singletrack as we can find.  While the group leaders will be carrying extra equipment, we would recommend that each rider be self sufficient.

2. Wednesday Night Optional Rides:

This is a club member optional night where we change the rides every week. Some days we will go for a race pace mountain bike ride, an adventurous cross ride or if the weather doesn't allow us to go for a ride, we will do a trail maintenance night. Please check the updates below for more information for the week's Wednesday rides.

3. Thursday Night Trail Rides:

This mountain bike ride is intended for the seasoned trail rider who wishes to go out and ride the trails at a consistent pace but doesn't necessarily want to bust a lung. We will link the more techinical trails and session them if need be for a fun night of riding. This will be considered a "gentleman's/gentlewoman's ride" so make sure you are self sufficient if you want to join the group. We still meet up at Rosso at 6:15pm leaving at 6:30pm.

4. Sundays, there is a trail ride meeting at 11:00am.  This is an interclub fun ride where we just head out on the trails and recover from the weekend activities.

There will be rides added and cancelled throughout the year depending on weather, group leader availability, races and other unforeseen events, so please check the updates below. Please note that if you plan on racing or joining us on frequent club rides, you are required to purchase a club membership.  This includes the insurance that would cover each rider in the group.  There are two options for club membership:  The first is at a cost of $99 and includes the ABA membership, insurance, redbike T-shirt, 15% off accessories/parts and guaranteed good times.  The second membership costs $150 and is the same as the first option, but you get a redbike race jersey instead of a t-shirt.


redbike Race Team

Anyone who wishes to join the redbike race team, please contact Brent or Mark at the store.  It really is a fun experience and will help you improve all aspects of your cycling.  I just do it for the 15% off discount for team members.

Well that was fun, wasn't it?!

The first midweek cyclocross race went off like a rocket last night, and a fun (and painful) time was had by all. Well over 100 racers on the inaugural night tells you just how pumped everyone is for cross this year, and a gaggle of redbike members turned out to show off our awesome kits with great representation in all three categories - hooray! This is also the perfect time to remind everyone that our very own cyclocross race is less than three weeks away! The red cross is scheduled for Sunday, September 13 at Hermitage Park (same as last year - northside baby!), and Mark and Shantel would love it if as many club members, friends, and family were there to partake in the fun. We are also looking for volunteers to help with the set-up, day-of workings, and tear-down, so if you or anyone you know would like to help out, please let either of them know. The tech guide should be posted shortly on the ABA website. 


Midweek cyclocross races start tomorrow evening, Aug 26!

The midweek cyclocross races start tomorrow night. These races are super casual, fun, punishing, and a great way to try out cross racing or to improve your skills. Check out the deets here: http://cxalberta.org/post/127311542470/cxalberta-midweek-races-pb-united-cycle-this-will

Wed Aug 15

Word is everyone is still more interested in mountain biking than cross riding, so no group cross ride is scheduled for tonight.

Time to dig out the cross bike!

With the first cyclocross race of the season a mere five weeks away, it's time to switch gears from just mountain biking over to some cyclocross riding and training. Starting next Wednesday, August 5th, Shantel will be leading cyclocross training/skills rides leaving from Rosso at 6:30pm. We'll be practicing skills, doing some drills, and getting used to the excruciating pain and taste of blood that only comes with cyclocross racing again. Beer to follow, as in the true cyclocross tradition.


Hope to see you there!

THUNDER! July 23, 2015

With the recent thunder and showers today and more projected for tonight, let's take tonight off from riding and let the trails dry off before we head out again. AKA...Ride tonight is cancelled.

July 7, 2015

What a perfect Monday night ride. Two different groups went out to explore the trails with perfect weather all night. Luckily we got to Rosso first and appropriated some valuable patio tables for the pizza and beer. First timer Camille has an early stumble but toughed it out to finish a long ride. There is going to be a ride Wednesday night heading towards Terwillegar to map out the course for the last Fattire Tuesday race. We are meeting at Rosso at 6:30 and expect a steady paced ride.

July 2, Thursday Hero-Dirt Ride

Yes, we've had a couple days of rain now, but with this hot hot heat the trails have dried out super quick for some prime hero-dirt riding conditions. Make sure to come out tonight for Brad's ride leaving at 6:30pm from Rosso. Remember to bring enough water, to lather on the sunscreen, and to take your malaria pills or apply your favourite DEET-filled product! 

June 25, 2015

It's a hot one out there today. Tonight is the redbike hosted Latitude 53 patio party so the plan for tonight's ride is a shortened one where we start at the usual 6:30pm time but we will be looking at coming back to Rosso at 8:00pm. Then the plan is for us to ride to the patio party for a fun night out with your fellow club members. Also, another reason we are going to shorted the ride is that there is a black bear reported in the river valley and it has yet to be found. We have been told to be very careful with biking in the trails tonight.

June 25, 2015

Since Shantel, Brad, Trevor and I will be out of town for June 29th racing, we are going to cancel the Monday night trail ride. If anyone wishes to lead out a Monday night group on that night, please contact us so we can open it up. But, as of now, there will be no group ride on the 29th. Cheers everyone.

Trail karma

Thanks to all the club members who came out last night to help with the scheduled trail maintenance on Six Shooter. It was a really great turn out by the redbike contingent, and alongside the Dirt Girls, we were able to do a great deal of bench cutting, berm making, and trimming to make the trail way more enjoyable and sustainable for all trail users.

We are hoping to perform one more session of trail maintenance next Wednesday, likely in Patricia Ravine where the undergrowth has reached jungle-like proportions, so stay tuned to the posts here for details on when and where to meet.

Thanks again for everyone's help and hard work last night,