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redbike Club Group Rides

Please check the updates below


1. Monday Night Trail Rides:

This is a mountain bike group ride meeting at Rosso Pizzeria at 6:15 pm and leaving at 6:30 pm.  Rosso Pizzeria is the restaurant located across the street from redbike. We are located at 10918-88 Ave.  This is intended to be a fun trail ride for all levels of mountain biking with a "no drop" rule, but you are required to have some basic cycling skills since we will be riding as much technical singletrack as we can find.  While the group leaders will be carrying extra equipment, we would recommend that each rider be self sufficient.

2. Wednesday Night Optional Rides:

This is a club member optional night where we change the rides every week. Some days we will go for a race pace mountain bike ride, an adventurous cross ride or if the weather doesn't allow us to go for a ride, we will do a trail maintenance night. Please check the updates below for more information for the week's Wednesday rides.

3. Thursday Night Trail Rides:

This mountain bike ride is intended for the seasoned trail rider who wishes to go out and ride the trails at a consistent pace but doesn't necessarily want to bust a lung. We will link the more techinical trails and session them if need be for a fun night of riding. This will be considered a "gentleman's/gentlewoman's ride" so make sure you are self sufficient if you want to join the group. We still meet up at Rosso at 6:15pm leaving at 6:30pm.

4. Sundays, there is a trail ride meeting at 11:00am.  This is an interclub fun ride where we just head out on the trails and recover from the weekend activities.

There will be rides added and cancelled throughout the year depending on weather, group leader availability, races and other unforeseen events, so please check the updates below. Please note that if you plan on racing or joining us on frequent club rides, you are required to purchase a club membership.  This includes the insurance that would cover each rider in the group.  There are two options for club membership:  The first is at a cost of $99 and includes the ABA membership, insurance, redbike T-shirt, 15% off accessories/parts and guaranteed good times.  The second membership costs $150 and is the same as the first option, but you get a redbike race jersey instead of a t-shirt.


redbike Race Team

Anyone who wishes to join the redbike race team, please contact Brent or Mark at the store.  It really is a fun experience and will help you improve all aspects of your cycling.  I just do it for the 15% off discount for team members.

January 28, 2016

Okay, so we were having quite the brilliant winter weren't we? With just enough snow to create a smooth snowy singletrack and temperatures ranging all winter within the -15 to -5 spread most of the time, we were enjoying a great fatbiking season. Alas, frozen rain just had to be so irksome to our winter riding. I haven't yet checked out the trail conditions due to a combination of dealing with this long suffering cold and my nascent knitting hobby, but it would be sage advice to keep your studded tires on or restud them if they are running low. The Thursday night rides have been super fun this year so come out, but this week, keep your pressure low and perhaps wear some knee pads.

Monday, Nov 9

Don't hate the messenger, but we've decided to put the formal Monday rides on hold until things can dry up or freeze over. We encourage everyone to keep riding in the meantime though - stay tuned for updates as real winter descends upon us.

Thursday, Nov 5

Sorry for the late notice folks - no Thursday ride tonight due to greazy trails

Monday, November 2

Sorry Monday fans - with the wet weather and greasy conditions we are still on hiatus from the Monday night ride. At least we don't have the snow that Calgary's getting!

Monday, October 26

Sorry all - we are going to cancel tonight's ride on account of the rainy weather.

Monday, Oct 19

Fall just won't end, and I'm okay with that. There will be a recovery-paced trail ride leaving from Rosso tonight at 6:30pm. Dress for the weather (possiblity of a shower), and rest up those face muscles this afternoon for a night of smiling.

Monday, October 12

Holiday Monday means there is no evening club ride scheduled for today. We hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoys the day off.

Monday, Oct 5

No excuse not to ride trails given the lovely fall we are having, so hope to see everyone out tonight leaving from Rosso at 6:30pm. All-inclusive pace in effect.

Thursday, October 1

The river valley is at peak fall beauty right now, and it's only going to last another day or two. Come enjoy it the best way possible - out riding Edmonton's magnificent trails. See you tonight leaving from Rosso at 6:30pm.

Monday, Sept 28

It was a punishing weekend of cyclocross racing, but there's no better way to recover than with a fun, easy-paced trail ride. Come on out with your lights and warm clothes for an enjoyable hour or two of trail riding leaving from Rosso at 6:30pm.