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Come see our excellent selection of Chrome gear!

Chrome Industries was established in 1995 with a Juki sewing machine, a few yards of military grade fabric and seat-belt buckles cut out of old cars. The mission was simple; create bombproof bags that are practical and functional.

Chrome's iconic messenger bag with quick-release buckle was soon born. Over the years, Chrome has continued to develop useful and durable gear for people who live and ride the city.

Chrome's been building professional messenger bags for over 15 years!Chrome now makes bags, footwear and apparel that adapts to the changing and unpredictable nature of the city. And it's all street-tested by professional messengers, fixed freestyle riders and urban commuters. So you know every Chrome product will work great for you.

Chrome is about utility and mobility. They’re anti-nonsense. Everything they make is functional. Every piece of their bags, shoes and clothes is there for a reason. If it doesn’t have a purpose, it’s gone.

They build super-durable gear. They construct all their products using rugged, industrial materials and hardware that lasts. That’s why their bags are guaranteed for life and their footwear and apparel carry industry-leading warranties, and also why we use and carry Chrome products.

Chrome also makes great footwear and clothing!Chrome's bags, footwear and apparel is simple and honest. Everything is built for the city and works on a bike, around town and on the job. That won’t ever change.

Making great products is important to Chrome. But they're also about being out there with the community: the people who got them here and still support them. So you'll find Chrome on the road sponsoring alley cats, trick contests, goldsprints and more, all over the country. If you see a black Chrome van, flag it down and have a beer and maybe even some BBQ with the crew.

Or drop by one of the Chrome HUBs where they have live music, art shows and launch parties. If you’re around, stop by and see what’s up. 

And be sure to check out our Chrome products right here and then come into our store to check out all our cool Chrome gear!


10918 88 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta
  Phone: (780) 435-2674
  Toll Free: 1-855-332-2453
  Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm, Sat: 10am - 5pm,  Closed - Sunday


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