Continental Gator Hardshell (Folding)

4.5 stars
 (5 Reviews)
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Continental's ultra-tough Gator Hardshell combines 3 flat-protection technologies into the ultimate distance and training tire. It features a flat-busting, bead-to-bead layer of DuraSkin and an extra-wide Poly-X Breaker anti-puncture strip. But Conti wasn't done yet. They added material in the tread to improve mileage and lend another level of puncture resistance. Plus, the folding bead keeps the weight low.

Features & Info

Hardshell Protection

Combining the bead-to-bead protection of DuraSkin with the additional tread strip puncture resistance of PolyX, Continental's Hardshell is like an impenetrable rolling fortress. It's an excellent choice for a long-lasting, flat-resistant training tire.

This is a folding tire
23c: 250 grams
25c: 270 grams
28c: 350 grams
32c: 385 grams

Consumer Reviews

4.5 stars

(5 reviews)

80% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Durable rubber  (4)
  • Resistant to element  (4)
  • Great traction  (3)
  • Lightweight 


  • Heavy 
  • Not durable 
  • Wears easily 

Best Uses

  • Road biking  (4)
  • Casual riding  (3)
  • Recycling 
  • Upgrade 

Mar 31, 2017

Gets the Job Done on Long Rides

Great Traction, Resistant To Element, Durable Rubber
Best Uses:
Casual Riding, Road Biking, Upgrade
Have used these tires on training rides and so far has endured the occasional gravel roads/rough roads. Inspires confidence on paved roads (less worrying on getting flats).
by I_Am from Canada

May 24, 2016

These tires are the best!!! (700c X 25)

Resistant To Element, Durable Rubber, Great Traction
Best Uses:
Road Biking
I've been riding these tires for two years. I've had TWO flats, that's it. The first one was caused by launching off a curb, and the other was from a goathead that somehow penetrated the hard shell. They even survived a wreck where the bike was totally destroyed. These tires will not eliminate every flat but they will eliminate 95% of them.
by hossbluto from Pasco, WA

Apr 23, 2016

Great tire for long rides

Durable Rubber, Resistant To Element, Great Traction
Best Uses:
Casual Riding, Road Biking
These are the only tires that I now use. They are very resistant to flats and only have a small weight penalty. They are comfortable keep me going on longer rides. I no longer flat like I did in the past. Most of the people that I do 60 to 100 mile rides with also use the Hardshell Gatorskins.
by Mike from Longmont, CO

Feb 13, 2014

My first folding tire

Durable Rubber, Resistant To Element, Lightweight
Best Uses:
Casual Riding, Road Biking
In the past I've mostly spent no more than $30 on a tire, but was getting a lot of flats and wanted to save a little weight as I now have a huge hill to tackle on my commute and every little bit counts. About 1,500 miles in and zero flats later I'm happy with the extra money I spent.
by Rupert from North County, CA

Aug 16, 2012

Avoid this junk

Wears Easily, Not Durable
Best Uses:
These seems in these tires separated on only the second ride with under 90 psi. I don't see how this company can be taken seriously putting out junk like this.
by Don from Oviedo, FL