Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1218 Key Cable

2.5 stars
 (2 Reviews)
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The KryptoFlex 1218 Key Cable is a 12mm braided steel cable to be used in low-crime areas or as a secondary security measure. An advanced cylinder provides protection from picking and a sliding weather guard protects the cylinder from dirt, water and road grime. Everything stays in place while you ride thanks to the Transit Flex Frame Bracket, a tool-free, adjustable system that gives you plenty of mounting options.

Features & Info

Best locking method

Proper locking using a cable plus a U-Lock.
Place the U-Lock shackle around the pole, your bike frame and through your rear wheel. Loop a cable around your front wheel, bike frame, and onto your U-Lock shackle.
Dimensions: 1/2-inch x 6 feet
Weight: 1.75 pounds

Consumer Reviews

2.5 stars

(2 reviews)

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  • Easy to use  (2)
  • Lightweight  (2)
  • Versatile 


  • Weak  (2)
  • Easily cut 

Best Uses

  • Bikes in low crime areas 

Feb 14, 2011

Less than expected

Versatile, Easy to Use, Lightweight
Easily cut, Weak
Best Uses:
Bikes in low crime areas
This lock offered an easy solution to locking my bike in a variety of situations. I enjoyed the quality and versatility of the lock. It's downfall was the ease in which the lock was cut allowing my bike to be stolen. Spend the extra money needed to buy a decent U-lock if you truly want to protect your bike from theft. I learned this lesson the hard way. This lock is great for securing your bike temporarily in areas that you know are safe or in combination with a U-lock.
by jmanbazan from Rensselaer, NY

Oct 25, 2010

Easily cut

Lightweight, Easy to Use
Best Uses:
As the description says, this should only be used in low crime areas or as a secondary security measure. My bike disappeared in no time at all after locking it up with only this cable. Thankfully I managed to get my bike back and having learned my lesson will put up with lugging around a more substantial lock (i.e. u-lock not cable) in the future.
by jaffy from vancouver, bc