Shimano Dura-Ace 9160 Di2 Dual Control TT Bar-End Shift/Brake Levers

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- Slimmer, More Aerodynamic Shape And Improved Grip Feel
- Optimum Power Transmitted With Firm Grip
- More Control And Confidence In Race Condition
- Improved Shift Switch Placement For Operation Without Removing Hands From The Bars
- Intuitive Shifting Control
- Single Button On Each Side Of The Shift Lever Designed To Work With Synchro Shift              
- Each Switch Available With Multi-Shift On/Off
- Increased E-Tube Project Customization
- Each Switch Has The Option For Multi-Shift
- Customizable Function To Fit Any Riding Style
- Integrated E-Tube Cable And Internal Brake Cable Routing For Enhanced Cockpit Aesthetic And Aerodynamics 

Features & Info

These shift levers can be combined with aero-bar Di2 bar-end shifters to allow shifting from both the aerobars or bullhorns.
Weight: 116 grams/pair