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Pedego Stretch - 2016

SPECIAL FEATURES Side racks can be moved from top to bottom The back rack can be turned over to accommodate different kinds of cargo. The front rack is attached directly to the frame so it doesn’t move with the handlebars Special rails hold most standard pannieer bags Protective wheelskirts to keep… [more]

Pedego City Commuter | 2017
$3,794.99 - $4,194.99


Opus Case+ - 2017

Opus' strongest case for what an electric bike should be — simple, intuitive and beautiful. A powerful statement on style and function, the Opus Case+ is an upgraded version of their celebrated Case bike, now augmented with the German engineered Pendix drive system. The ride is so smooth and… [more]

Opus Connect - 2017

Half electric, half bike, the Opus Connect is the smarter transport solution. Powered by the Shimano STEPS system, the Connect makes commuting and running errands easy and fun. The power-assisted ride lets you go further with less effort. The custom rack and integrated light let you carry more and… [more]

Opus WKND - 2017

Ride like it's the weekend all week long! Showcasing the Shimano STEPS system, the sporty Opus WKND does triple duty on commutes, workouts and fun rides. The light, hydroformed alloy frame has the stiffness to react instantly to pedal input. Result — an uncannily responsive ride. The STEPS system's… [more]

Pedego Interceptor 26" w/ Fenders - 2016

SPECIAL FEATURES 48V Battery Frame geometry provides an upright riding position Available in a rainbow of fun color options COMFORTABLE Deluxe saddle with a suspension seat post for extra cushioning where it counts Wide, swept back handlebars allow you to sit back and relax Premium balloon tires… [more]

Devinci e-Griffin - 2016

The one-size-fits-all Griffin is Devinci’s family-friendly e-bike powered by Shimano’s intuitive STEPS system. Inspired by global bike share programs like those in New York, Montreal, and London, the e-Griffin is hardwired to explore while using less energy in the process. A superior long-distance… [more]

Benno Bikes Boost E 10D

Benno performed a simple test at home and placed his car keys next to his bike lock. Anytime he left his house he had to choose between the two and if he picked up the car keys he had to justify why he was choosing to drive rather than ride his bike. This is how he discovered a list of objections… [more]

8 Results

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