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Cargo Bikes

Salsa Blackborow GX Eagle
$3,314.99 $3,899.99 15% Off
Blackborow is Salsa’s “dream big” fatbike, best paired with an unlimited imagination. With huge carrying capacity, via abundant frame and fork braze-ons, and room for four full-sized panniers on the beautifully engineered rear rack, your “It sure would be awesome to…” list of expeditions is more feasible than ever. The SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain gives you an enormous gear range to haul you and your gear up and through all manner of terrain, while Hayes mechanical disc brakes provide outstanding braking power while remaining field-serviceable. Blackborow’s Sun Ringle Mulefut wheels and Maxxis FBF/FBR tires open the door to nearly anywhere, even when you’re fully loaded. When resupplies along your route are few and far between, or you want to incorporate backcountry skiing, fishing, trailbuilding, camping or any number of other opportunities into your journey, Blackborow will be at the top of your pack list every time.
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The Carve Mountain is the latest and greatest cargo bike from Babboe. Combining the surefooted stability of the three wheeled Curve with the fantastic controlled maneuverability of the two wheeled City. The addition of the powerful Yamaha 250w mid-drive electric assist motor and the step-less Nuvinci 330 gear hub you can get up to speed no matter how much weight you are carrying and then stop on a dime with the powerful hydraulic disc brakes. The innovative “Carve” mechanism lets the bike tilt with the bike when taking corners so despite having two wheels at the front it corners like a regular bike. The front wheels are independent so, instead of steering the whole box - Only the wheels steer, giving more control. Turn the tilt steering option off and the bike handles just like a Nihola. The ultimate cargo bike for city safety and weekend adventures. The rest of the spec does not disappoint with a frame manufactured from tough galvanized Hi-Ten steel which has a chip-resistant powder-coated finish, a marine-grade beech plywood box which has a whopping 80kg capacity, comfortably sits two little ones and has a battery compartment under the bench tucked away from curious hands, this Babboe is designed for perpetual outdoor storage and is a true four-season workhorse! - Unique three wheeled cargo bike with tilt steering - Independent steering with on/off tilt option - Yamaha 250w Mid-Drive motor will get you up any hill no matter how much weight you are carrying - Yamaha 36v Lithium-Ion Battery will take you up to 60km on a single charge - Nuvinci 330 step-less internal gear hub has a massive 330% gear range - Powerful hydraulic disc brakes for all weather confident braking - Room for two little ones with dual three-point harnesses - Tough galvanized steel frame with a chip-resistant powder-coated finish - Marine grade curved beech plywood box (no sharp edges) - Integrated powerful LED lighting system - Fully enclosed chain guard to keep clothing looking fresh - Maximum Capacity: 180kg (Box=80kg, Rider=100kg)
Babboe City
A Babboe City Cargo Bike is the gateway to an exciting new urban lifestyle. When it comes down to it, this is one of the most cost-efficient vehicles you will ever buy, that comes standard with maintenance-free components and durable materials throughout. Whether you're a rider or a passenger, it's a whole lot of fun, and brings with a feeling of freedom that no other mode of transportation seems to match. The Babboe City is the two wheeled version of the classic dutch cargo bike. It is super agile with its cargo box situated low in the centre of the wheelbase, it feels just like riding any other bike and great fun.
Babboe Curve | Yamaha
The Babboe Curve Mountain is based on the best-selling three wheeled "bakfiets" Curve but on steroids. Combining the awesome Yamaha 250w mid-drive electric assist motor and the step less Nuvinci 330 gear hub you can get up to speed no matter how much weight you are carrying and then stop on a dime with the powerful hydraulic disc brakes. The Curve is renowned in Holland for its sure-footed stability and comfortable ride and with the addition of the extra drive from the brilliant Yamaha motor moving cargo has never been easier. The cargo bin capacity is a whopping 100kg and comfortably sits four little ones and all that they travel with, so you can do a school and grocery run with ease! The frame itself can accommodate 100kg riders between the heights of 5’, 4” and 6’, 4” with a quick adjustment of the saddle height and even the handlebar adjusts so you get the perfect fit. The rest of the spec does not disappoint with a frame manufactured from tough galvanized Hi-Ten steel that has a chip-resistant powder-coated finish and a marine-grade curved beech plywood box with a battery compartment under the bench tucked away from curious hands. The Babboe Curve is designed for perpetual outdoor storage and is a true four-season workhorse.
Yuba Boda Boda
$1,919.99 $2,399.99 20% Off
LIMITED STOCK AT THIS PRICE The Boda Boda is a compact cargo bike that can take on more load than ever and still get you around with that light, frisky ride that will leave you with a little bounce in your step. While keeping the style and pep of the Boda Boda frame, we’ve added a longer and lower rear rack for stability and even more functionality. With this design, you can now fit a Yepp Maxi seat on the Boda Boda and still have room on the rear deck for an older child. The frame overall has a stiffer, even more solid, ride.
Yuba Boda Boda All-Terrain
$2,399.99 $2,999.99 20% Off
LIMITED STOCK AT THIS PRICE Introducing the Boda Boda All-Terrain: Yuba’s first designated off-road cargo bike, built mission-ready. While some may look to the Mundo for carrying the kids, the Boda Boda for quick trips to the grocery store or Yoga class, and the Spicy Curry for a quick way to climb serious hills, the All-Terrain is the bike for the mountains, for the rugged trails – for the adventure you’ve always wanted to take, by cargo bike! It’s stealthy attitude and solid-built frame allow you to take anything and anyone with you. With hydraulic disc brakes, WTB grips, saddle, tires, rims, and a 220-pound cargo capacity, it doesn’t limit where you can go, what you can take or who you can go along. And, it comes in Special Ops Black—only!
Yuba Electric Boda Boda
$4,199.99 $5,299.99 21% Off
The Ultimate Urban People Mover This electric cargo bike has both brains and brawn. The intelligent and powerful pedal assist system masterfully offers just the right amount of assist for a natural feel under your feet. You’ll actually enjoy running all those pesky errands and seeking out those hills you used to avoid. Go ahead and load it up. The Electric Boda Boda is designed to haul anything life throws at you while keeping that light, nimble steering for a super smooth ride, every time. Confidently carry a gaggle of giggly girls or a light load of lumber without breaking a sweat. Shimano: A Natural Fit The STEPS system works in perfect harmony with our existing Boda Boda Shimano bike components, such as the drivetrain, cassette, rear derailleur and crankset. - e6000 Shimano Steps electric kit with 3 levels of assist + walk mode - Easy to read Integrated Cycling Computer with speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range, battery indication. - Choose from a Step-Thru or Step-Over frame - Always charged front and rear LED lights - Chain guard, Fenders and Wheelskirts included - Double Stand included - Hauls 244 lbs. of cargo PLUS the rider - 2 year warranty on Yuba Frame and 1 year warranty on the Shimano STEPS electric system - Weighs in at just 60 lbs Boda Boda Specifications - Frame material: Aluminum - Fork: 1.5-inch Chromoly - Drivetrain: 9 Speed Shimano Altus Shadow - Brakes: Tektro Vela Hydraulic Disc Brakes - Cockpit: Adjustable stem Shimano STEPS Specifications - e6000 Shimano STEPS motor Delivers an output torque of 50Nm for ultimate performance - Weatherproof and waterproof cases for motor and battery - High quality Li-Ion battery, fully certified 418 Wh with quick charging (EC-E6000): 80% in 2 hours, from 0 to 100% in 4 hours - Battery Range is 20 – 93 miles per charge
Yuba Mundo LUX
$2,719.99 $3,399.99 20% Off
The Minivan of Cargo Bikes The Mundo LUX is our super sturdy minivan on two wheels. Frame and fork are forged from chromoly steel, which keeps the bike solid as ever but shaves off five pounds from the finished weight. Reinforced 1.5 inch head tube adds confidence to the ride and hydraulic brakes to allow you to stop on a dime, no matter how much cargo you’re carrying. Safety First The Mundo LUX is packed with safety features like ultra responsive hydraulic disc brakes, always charged front and rear LED lights keep you rolling safely at night, full coverage wheelskirts and fenders to keep shoelaces out of the spokes and the Stand Alone double stand for sturdy loading and unloading. SPEC OVERVIEW - 3×8 Shimano - Hydraulic Disc Brakes - Shimano Hub Dynamo - Cro-Mo Frame & Fork - Schwalbe Big Ben Tires - Color Metalic Gold or Matte Olive Green - WTB rims WHAT IS INCLUDED - Fenders with wheelskirts - Stand Alone Double Stand - LED lights powered by front dynamo hub - Steering Stabilizer - Sideloaders Cargo/ Feet support - 2-Year Warranty (frame)
Yuba SuperMarche
$3,599.99 $4,499.99 20% Off
You don't need to be Dutch to ride this bike! Forget what you think you know about front loading Cargo Bikes or bakfiets; this Front Loader is like no other. Specifically designed for active parents and small business owners on the go with a low step through frame design, adjustable cockpit and ultra smooth steering. It’s easy to ride from the first turn of the pedal and sturdy enough to stand up to your busy lifestyle. Keeping with our cargo roots, we also included a Yepp compatible rear cargo rack for all the extras. Now you can literally bring everything AND the kitchen sink. Steers Like Butter We think that sums it up perfectly. We replaced that clunky steering arm you see on other front loading Cargo Bikes with more practical, rider friendly cable steering design. The dual cable steering, extra low front cargo rack and 90 degree steering radius adds up to a powerful cargo hauling machine that steers like butter and turns heads everywhere. - Frame Material: Aluminum - Fork: Chromoly - Carries long, bulky and tall cargo - 220lbs/100kg payload or 2.0 cbm - Haul the family, make delivery, go to the Supermarket - Easy to configure with Yuba Add-Ons
Yuba Sweet Curry
$2,959.99 $3,699.99 20% Off
LIMITED STOCK AT THIS PRICE The Sweet Spot in our Cargo Bike Lineup The pedal powered sister to Spicy Curry and the sweet spot in our Cargo Bike lineup. The Sweet Curry boasts a light aluminum frame, extra low rear rack and nimble steering for a smooth, easy ride when loaded to the max. Customize for your cargo load with our Awesome Add-Ons for Spicy and Sweet Curry. Features - Fits 1-3 passengers - Hauls up to 300 lbs (130 kg) PLUS the rider - Aluminum frame and oversize tubing - 20-inch rear wheel for increased stability - Weighs in at just 41.5 lbs. Specifications - Frame: 6061 Aluminum - Fork: 1.5 inch Chromoly - Wheels: Wide rims and 48 strong spokes rear wheel - Tires: Schwalbe Big Apple plus - Drivetrain: Shimano Claris 2×8 - Brakes: Avid BB7 180mm - Cockpit: Promax adjustable stem
Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike | Disc Brake
$7,999.99 - $8,899.99
The Urban Arrow Family is the most advanced two-wheeled cargo bike on the market and represents a revolution in materials and technology when compared to other classic Dutch 'bakfiets' bikes. The frame is made of rust-proof, lightweight aluminum that is large in diameter to increase stiffness across the long wheelbase (on other brands you can really feel the frame flex as you corner). And, instead of using wood or plastics to provide impact resistance, the Urban Arrow cleverly uses lightweight EPS foam, the same impact resistant material found in approved bicycle helmets (it has nice armrests inside too!). The Urban Arrow uses a powerful Bosch Performance Line motor, providing sustained 250W (gen 2) power up the biggest hills and lots of torque to get the bike accelerating to a safe speed. With nearly 80km of range, the Urban Arrow can multitask distance and topography with pure ease. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes ensure total control in corners and hard stops when the situation calls for it. With the option for an extra bench or a baby seat the Urban Arrow can grow with your family. Best of all, when the kids are grown up you can replace the entire front end of the bike with the Shorty front-end, making it a great commuter bike with trunk space to boot! - Modern Bakfiets two wheeled cargo bike with Bosch E-Assist - Low center of gravity gives a stable, controlled and comfortable ride - Bosch Performance Line 350w Mid-Drive motor will get you up any hill no matter how much weight you are carrying - Bosch 36v Lithium-Ion Battery will take you up to 75km on a single charge - Nuvinci 330 step less internal gear hub has a massive 300% gear range - Powerful hydraulic disc brakes for all weather confident braking - Room for two little ones with dual three-point harnesses (four if you insert the optional extra bench) - Strong and stiff aluminum frame that is naturally rust resistant and very lightweight -Lightweight and highly impact-resistant EPS foam cargo box - Fully enclosed Hebie chain guard to keep clothing looking fresh - Integrated LED lighting system - Optional Rain Tent and Sun Shade for four season comforts - Designed for perpetual outdoor storage - Maximum Capacity: 180kg (Box=80kg, Rider=100kg) Available Accessories: Can be added to any special order. Call for availability. - The Rain Cover (Sold Separate) - The Extra Bench (Sold Separate) - The Maxi Cosi Adapter (Sold Separate) - The Ponchi (Sold Separate) - The Rear Carrier (Sold Separate) - The Yepp Mini Adapter (Sold Separate) - The Bike Parka (Sold Separate) - The Boxcover (Sold Separate) - The Luggage Net (Sold Separate) - The Floor Mat (Sold Separate)
Babboe Curve Cargo Bike
The Babboe Curve, the NEW high end brain child of Babboe Holland, provides the ultimate riding experience for parents and children and has a superior product specification. The excellent specs include Shimano roller brakes both rear and front, Schwalbe tires, beech wood cargo box, and Closed chain cover. It has been extensively tested by the German TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein- Technical Inspection Association) for safety and durability. This tricycle is the ideal transport vehicle to bring your kids to school or day care and it is cheaper and faster than using a car. You can transport four children and even carry your groceries! Babboe endeavours to sell top quality cargo bikes at a reasonable price. The model will be delivered at your house, fully assembled and ready to go. Price includes complete assembly, but not shipping.
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