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Van Dessel

Van Dessel Full Tilt Boogie | Frame
This is a full carbon cross frame that isn't messing around. Tuned for super responsive acceleration off start lines, through hole shots, out of hairpins and wherever else instantaneous speed is needed. Oh, and we added bottle cage bosses, cuz humans get thirsty. But forget cantilevers, this frameset is disc only. Not to mention light, smooth, responsive and thru-axle or quick release compatible.
Van Dessel Motoivis Maximus | Frame
A carbon road-racing machine designed with the versatility to take on the tight quick handling of crit courses with the comfort and stability required of long road races, gran fondos and centuries. The aero design considers water bottles in place for more accurate windflow. Comes with three rear dropouts (130QR rim brake, 135QM disc brake, 142×12 disc brake) in case you want to pare down your wheel collection. Versatile, good looking, and built for speed. Just like you.
Van Dessel Primo Ballerino
PRIMO BALLERINO When you eye up the Primo Ballerino, maybe the first thing that comes to mind isn’t apocalypse readiness. No, you’re probably thinking the Primo Ballerino is gonna be a blast. And you’re right, it is. Clearance for 5-inch tires gives it an exceptional girth to mirth ratio. And paried with a responsive and sprightly carbon frame, you’;; have a generous amount of performance too. You can bomb downhills, cruiser over beaches, ride in the snow, and glide through obnoxious rock gardens with ease. You can also flee along burned-out city streets rolling over stuff in your path, like, say, looted storefronts and zombie corpses. Be prepared is all we’re saying. And have fun in the meantime.
Van Dessel ADD
A.D.D. Van Dessel may be the only bike company in the world to suggest you only need to own a single bike. But having pioneered the gravel/adventure bike realm (ahem, Country Road Bob, circa 2000) they know a thing or two about designing bikes with a tasty blend of performance, durability and versatility. It’s an idea the’ve pushed even further with the A.D.D. Road bike, CX bike, mountain bike, loaded touring/adventure bike—you can run 700 x 25–40mm road, CX or gravel tires, or switch up your wheels and run 27.5 x 2.1 MTB knobbies. There are also bosses for 3 bottle cages, eyelets for racks and fenders, weather-resistant cable routing, and dropout options for your wheel collection, all on a single high-performance 7005 series aluminum frame. - Disc brake only - 1 x drive train OR 2 x drive train compatible - Standard quick release or front & rear thru-axle compatible - Up to 27.5 x 2.25? tire clearance! Run just about any tire!
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