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Brodie Mega Tour

Brodie Mega Tour
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The Mega Tour is equipped for rugged back country touring. Yet the large fast rolling 29” Wheels fitted with large volume tires can handle any long distance with comfort on any route. The Mega Tour is comfortable on everything from less than perfect pavement to loose and rough gravel on long fire roads, or sublime single track that goes way way out there.

The Mega Tour is a perfect Gravel Adventure Touring bike. For those looking for the routes less traveled. For riders looking to plan back country circle routes. Great for Bike-packers, Wilderness back country adventure seekers dreaming of the Trans Canada Trail or finding routes on the logging roads of the Pacific North West. Yet the Mega Tour is fully versatile in just getting you around town as your Go To bike. Great for commuters, or weekend riders just looking to put on some miles wherever the road, or non road wants to take you. The Mega Tour is the If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It Bike !