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Chris King Chris King Headset NoThreadSet GripLock

Chris King Chris King Headset NoThreadSet GripLock
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CHRIS KING headsets have been the reference product in headset construction for many years. The legendary durability of the multi-sealed high-end industrial bearings and the classic design have shaped the appearance of the products from the USA manufacturer for years. The precisely milled and brightly colored anodised surfaces are of extremely high quality, typical for Chris King.
The newly developed GripLock system improves the steerer tube clamping to counteract the increased forces that occur with long-travel forks. The multi-part end cap is equipped with a slotted cone ring, which enables an even easier connection of the steerer tube and the head tube.
As with all CHRIS KING components, the heart of the headset is in the bearings. These are produced directly by CHRIS KING and, thanks to a special manufacturing process, contain more balls than the competition, which results in a more stable system overall. Before installation, each bearing is checked by hand for any quality defects and sorted out if necessary.

Chris King has confidence in his products. They show it by giving a lifetime guarantee on their headsets. You only have to register them on their website after purchasing them.

Technical specifications:

Material: CNC milled aluminum, steel
Design: external bearings
Steerer: 1 1/8"
SHIS upper part: EC34/28.6
SHIS base: EC34/30
Press-in dimension above Ø: 34 mm
Offset top: 10.7 mm
Press-in dimension below Ø: 34 mm
Bottom offset: 10.7mm
Outer diameter at top: kA
Outer diameter below: kA
Overall height above: kA
Overall height below: kA
bearing : Industrial - Angular ball bearings, double sealed
Colour: two-tone black/gold