Compass Extralight Tires

Compass Extralight Tires
  • Model: Switchback Hill Tore
  • Model: BabyShoe Pass
  • Model: Barlow Pass
  • Model: Bon Jon Pass
  • Model: Snoquaimie Pass
$109.99 - $129.99
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More than any other component, supple tires change the feel and performance of your bike. From the first meters, you will notice the difference, and it will put a smile on your face.

Compass tires are designed to offer optimum performance above all. Their supple casing is key to making these tires roll faster than most. It also absorbs vibrations and shocks better, making these tires supremely comfortable. The tire tread was designed to offer optimum cornering adhesion and precision, both in wet and dry conditions.

Despite this focus on performance, Compass tires are sensible everyday tires. The tread is 3 mm thick in the center to last many miles, unlike thinner high-performance tires which are best treated as “event” tires. We at Compass ride our tires year-round on the road, on gravel and in the city, without any problems and with very, very few flats.