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Fahrrad Manfaktur T-50 Cargo Step Thru | Nexus 8 | Disc

Fahrrad Manfaktur T-50 Cargo Step Thru | Nexus 8 | Disc
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The VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur T-50 Cargo is a an all-weather, load-it-up city bike that is designed for maximum stability and safety. It's also darn good looking; the kind of bike that looks good in your office or loft. This stunning white bike represents a total re-think on the user ergonomics of a city cyclist.

First, there is the frame, a unisex step-through that's upright and easy to hop onto, no matter what you're wearing.

Second, there are the wheels. The T-50 Cargo uses a smaller diameter wheel that lowers centre of gravity for heavy loads, which is pretty smart. But, this smaller diameter wheel also provides greater acceleration, perfect for stop-and-go city life. And, the tire is wide to provide a stable footprint but is also high pressure to provide low rolling resistance.

Third, there are the hydraulic disc brakes that provide all-weather stopping (and won't freeze up in the winter). All of this is driven by a wide-range and low maintenance Shimano 8 speed hub, perfect for hills, distance, and of course, weekend adventures outside of the city. Oh, and it comes with dynamo lighting too; so you'll never need to use batteries again!

One great thing about Fahrradmanufaktur is all the European parts over their bikes. Fenders, racks and kickstands may be afterthoughts for most North American companies, but the Germans take these very, very seriously. From the lightweight and unbreakable German-made SKS fenders to the wide-leg Swiss made kickstand, the T-50 Cargo is a Christmas Tree of drool-worthy parts. Of course the cool thing about the T-50 Cargo is its Racktime front and rear racks, designed for a huge range of Racktime bags and baskets that click right in.

  • VSF Fahrrad Manufaktur T50 Cargo - The perfect city bike
  • Lightweight and stiff 6061 aluminium frame
  • Low Step-Through unisex frame - Easily mount the bike when fully loaded
  • Upright riding position - Comfortable, safe and visible
  • Perfect for daily commuting, shopping and school runs
  • High-quality adjustable stem - Dial in that perfect riding position
  • SKS Fenders - Sturdy, lightweight, keeps you looking fresh
  • SKS partial chain guard - Keeps clothes clean!
  • Shimano & B&M Dynamo System - Battery Free, powerful lighting, 24/7
  • Racktime front and rear racks wit Snap-It system - Made by Tubus in Germany
  • Shimano 8-speed internal gears - Maintenance free and reliable
  • Gripshifter - easily change gears at lights
  • Selle Royale Wave saddle - Made in Italy - Super comfy
  • Double walled rims - Strong and lightweight
  • Super bright, battery-free dynamo lighting system
  • Strong side mount kick stand - made in Switzerland
  • Optional: Racktime Baskit Breeze Front Basket
  • Optional: Racktime Boxit Rear Storage System


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