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Rabenick TX7 Roadster | Nevus 8 | Disc

Rabenick TX7 Roadster | Nevus 8 | Disc
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The TX7 by Rabeneick is the ultimate all-season day-and-night city bike - whether for short distance commutes or long distance recreational rides. Super low maintenance, fully equipped, and strong on minimal design aesthetics, the TX7 rides even better than it looks.

The TX7 is as versatile as they come. Starting with a sleek, hydroformed aluminium frame, the TX7 boasts an urban-sporty geometry for a comfy yet ultra-mobile feel while riding. The 8-speed Nexus internal gear hub offers a wide gear range and the smoothest shifting you could dream of, while powerful disc brakes will stop you in your tracks rain or shine. What takes the TX7 to the next level is the Gates belt drive. Say goodbye to chain stretch, rust and replacement; the belt drive makes for a powerful transmission while being virtually maintenance-free.

When you add in battery-free dynamo lighting, Curana fenders, Ergon grips ... well, it's easy to wonder how "minimal" this bike is. One look should clear that up - every piece of the TX7 plays an important role with no superfluous add-ons - leaving a clean, slick design. Form, meet function - we think you two will get along.