Van Dessel Primo Ballerino - 2018

Van Dessel Primo Ballerino
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When you eye up the Primo Ballerino, maybe the first thing that comes to mind isn’t apocalypse readiness. No, you’re probably thinking the Primo Ballerino is gonna be a blast. And you’re right, it is.

Clearance for 5-inch tires gives it an exceptional girth to mirth ratio. And paried with a responsive and sprightly carbon frame, you’;; have a generous amount of performance too.

You can bomb downhills, cruiser over beaches, ride in the snow, and glide through obnoxious rock gardens with ease. You can also flee along burned-out city streets rolling over stuff in your path, like, say, looted storefronts and zombie corpses. Be prepared is all we’re saying. And have fun in the meantime.