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I've found mountain bike mecca, and it's in the Yukon. | Jul 24, 2015

   Every cyclist has some sort of "bucket list" of events or places they'd like to ride. I've been very lucky to have been able to cross a few off my list over the years - BC Bike Race, the Breck Epic, the Deschutes Cup USGP in Bend, riding in Provence and Nice...

A Hot and Dry Fernie3/Coleman1 Weekend | Jul 3, 2015

With the Canada Day holiday on a Wednesday this year, it only made sense to make bookend cycling trips to maximize the holiday time. At least that is the perfect justification to take a week off and going mountain biking in Fernie, Coleman and Jasper. 


So What's Up With This Kokanee Redbike Thing? | Jun 24, 2015