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The Ultimate Commuter Pack - Chrome Bravo Night | Oct 22, 2015

Last Spring, as I rode through a typical early May snowstorm on my way to work, I was reminded how awesome the Chrome Industries Bravo backpack really it. Let me tell you why…


Battling the May Snow Storm

Ladies and Gentlemen | Oct 12, 2015

After the first four ABA cyclocross races, these were the weather conditions that the racers and spectators had to deal with: In Ototoks, there was constant wind and rain creating the racers with slick grass and endless mud.

Hit and run | Oct 8, 2015

Every cyclist I know has had some unfortunate car-bike encounters over their life. Experiences range from close calls, to shouting matches, to minor collisions, to the very worst outcome, and yet many of us accept this as a day-to-day possibility during our excursions out on our bikes.