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45NRTH Fatbike Triple Crown Round 3 is ICED (Cancelled) | Feb 4, 2016

Unfortunately, due the the serve icy conditions on the course caused by the January rain, we are forced to cancel the final round (Feb. 7th) of this year's triple crown. Too much of the trail is ice, and even the paved trail, although sanded, is too slippery, in our opinion, to race on.

the answer is always more bikes | Jan 27, 2016

Last year about this time, I thought I had found the bike that would accommodate all my biking needs, from a mountain biking perspective at least.

Proudly announcing the redbike race kit | Nov 30, 2015

We've been rocking the classic redbike kit for a number of years now, and although I have no qualms about the design and think it's one of the more tasteful designs out there, we thought it would be fun to have a more "race-oriented" kit for those of us in the club that do that sort of thing.