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Can I come too? biknd Jetpack travel case review | Aug 14, 2015

For the dedicated cyclist, racer or not, travelling with your bike is almost inevitable. Sure, you could just resort to renting a bike whenever you travel, and I've rented bikes my fair share of bikes while away, but it is always preferable to have your own bike.

I've found mountain bike mecca, and it's in the Yukon. | Jul 24, 2015

   Every cyclist has some sort of "bucket list" of events or places they'd like to ride. I've been very lucky to have been able to cross a few off my list over the years - BC Bike Race, the Breck Epic, the Deschutes Cup USGP in Bend, riding in Provence and Nice...

A Hot and Dry Fernie3/Coleman1 Weekend | Jul 3, 2015

With the Canada Day holiday on a Wednesday this year, it only made sense to make bookend cycling trips to maximize the holiday time. At least that is the perfect justification to take a week off and going mountain biking in Fernie, Coleman and Jasper.