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Feature Items

  • Surly Ice Cream Truck Ops - 2015

    Surly's Ice Cream Truck Ops rolls through your neighborhood doling out the kind of two-wheeled adventure you never thought was possible. Surly's proprietary 4130… [more]

  • Devinci Newton RC - 2014

    You don't have to be a genius to see that Devinci's Newton RC is an out-of-this-world commuter and city bike. Let us do the math for you. With integrated front and rear… [more]

  • Rocky Mountain Blizzard -30 - 2016

    Rocky Mountain's Blizzard -30 brings a whole new level of fatness to their British Columbia-inspired lineup of trail bikes. A lightweight FORM aluminum frame and Rocky… [more]

  • Easton EA70 XCT 29er Rear Wheel

    Stealthy, lightweight, and super fast, there's a lot to love about Easton's EA70 XCT 29er wheels. Their svelte aluminum rims are a generous 24mm wide and they're… [more]

  • Salsa Marrakesh Flat Bar Deore - 2016

    Marrakesh is a world-touring bike, designed for fully loaded, rugged exploration. Intentionally designed whether riding drop or flat bar, Marrakesh’s unique geometries… [more]

  • Salsa Spearfish Carbon RS1 - 2015

    How do you spell race-winning performance? S-P-E-A-R-F-I-S-H. Salsa's Spearfish Carbon RS1 is an endurance race monster, with the features to take you from the starting… [more]

  • Power in Motion Heated Glove set (2 batteries)

    MOTIONHeat Rechargeable Heated Glove Liners MOTIONHeat Rechargeable Heated Glove Liners were designed in Calgary, Canada. They were originally designed for cyclists to… [more]

  • Salsa Horsethief 2 - 2014

    Salsa's Horsethief 2 is their any-trail, anywhere-in-the-world bike. If you like to experience new trails, this is your bike. Extremely capable and confidence inspiring,… [more]

  • Salsa El Mariachi SS - 2014

    Salsa's El Mariachi SS is their trick take on the singlespeed: one gear, rigid, with no provisions for derailleurs… a single-bladed Swiss Army knife you might say.… [more]

  • Surly Krampus Ops - 2016

    One part fat bike, one part 29er, and two parts awesome, Surly's Krampus rolls fast, holds speed, and devours corners. Surly built the frame and fork with chromoly and… [more]

  • Easton EA70 XCT 29er Front Wheel

    Stealthy, lightweight, and super fast, there's a lot to love about Easton's EA70 XCT 29er wheels. Their svelte aluminum rims are a generous 24mm wide and they're… [more]

  • Devinci Tosca SX S - 2016

    La Tosca is an opera filled with violence, drama, and murder, and these are the exact sentiments that Devinci's Tosca SXS will help you to enact on your next cyclocross… [more]

  • Garmin fenix 2 Performer Bundle

    Take your next workout into uncharted territory and let Garmin's fenix 2 guide you back. This full-featured multi-sport watch boasts GPS navigation with included… [more]

  • Salsa Mukluk 2 Suspension - 2015

    If you've ever wanted to ride your bike on almost any surface — then the sand-crushing, snow-loving, mud-negating, huge-tire-having Salsa Mukluk 2 is the bike you've… [more]

  • Salsa Beargrease Frameset W/ Rigid Fork - 2016

    When actually buttering up forest carnivores ceases to amuse you, may we suggest instead a jaunt on your very own Salsa Beargrease? A wicked fat bike build begins with… [more]



Gear Up For Cyclocross

Gear up for cyclocross.

Cyclocross—mud, sweat, and tears. We're here to make sure you have an awesome cyclocross season. Stop in today and check out our excellent selection of gear.

CX Alberta Midweek Races Aug 31- Oct 5, 2016

Mid Week Cyclocross race schedule for 2016.

Wednesday, August31, Capilano

Wednesday, September 7 - Argyll

Wednesday, September 14 - Capilano

Wednesday, September 21 - Argyll

Wednesday, September 28 - Capilano

Wednesday,October 5 - Argyll

Please double check Facebook or Twitter to see any changes.

We need volunteers! If you can volunteer or provide a volunteer on any or all of the nights, it would be greatly appreciated. Actually, we can't have races if nobody volunteers!! So we're offering $10 off your series registration for every time you volunteer!

Sign up to volunteer!


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