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Cyclocross: A Season of One-Night Stands | Oct 28, 2014


   The ABA cyclocross season is like a one night stand; It’s hot, sweaty, quick, awkward, bloody fun and a wicked story to tell your friends.

Lighting My Way: Serfas S500 USB Headlight | Oct 14, 2014

Living on the 53rd parallel is both a blessing and a curse for year round cyclists. On the summer solstice we are blessed with almost 17 hrs of daylight, however, on the flip side, during the winter solstice, we receive a little more than 7.5 hrs of daylight. Some of us arrive at work when it’s dark, and head home…when it’s dark!

Game Changer | Oct 8, 2014

   While I hate reading platitudes in bike equipment reviews like, “This is a game changer” or “best (insert whatever here) ever”, this best describes how I feel about the Shimano Ultegra DI2 electronic shifting.  Like most people who first heard about usin