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Benno eScout

Rocky Mountain Instinct Carbon 90 BC Edition XL - SALE $6999.99

Born in BC, we've turned the Instinct into an aggressive trail monster.


Designed with an optimized single-position link, ultra-aggressive geometry, and a long stroke shock that provides 155mm of rear travel, we’ve kitted out the Instinct BC with wide bars, big tires, ultra-stiff wheels, and more capable suspension. It smashes all mountain lines, rails corners, and plows over everything in sight while displaying all the climbing efficiency that makes the Instinct a crowd favourite.

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Babboe Curve

Babboe Curve | Yamaha- $8499.99

Cargo bike

The Babboe Curve Mountain is based on the best-selling three wheeled "bakfiets" Curve but on steroids. Combining the awesome Yamaha 250w mid-drive electric assist motor and the step less Nuvinci 330 gear hub you can get up to speed no matter how much weight you are carrying and then stop on a dime with the powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

The Curve is renowned in Holland for its sure-footed stability and comfortable ride and with the addition of the extra drive from the brilliant Yamaha motor moving cargo has never been easier. The cargo bin capacity is a whopping 100kg and comfortably sits four little ones and all that they travel with, so you can do a school and grocery run with ease! The frame itself can accommodate 100kg riders between the heights of 5’, 4” and 6’, 4” with a quick adjustment of the saddle height and even the handlebar adjusts so you get the perfect fit.

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Brodie Ocho

Brodie Ocho

For the person - who values the purity and benefits of an internally geared hub. The Shimano Alfine 8-Speed hub is a great choice for harsh weather conditions as it adds simplicity, reliability and durability. The Ocho is virtually maintenance-free and easy to ride. The Ocho is perfect for someone who may only do annual, not weekly maintenance!            

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Salsa Warroad

Salsa Warroad

Warroad Force 1 is built for all-day performance and comfort, with no sacrifice in the speed department. The efficient simplicity of the Force 1 drivetrain, endurance all road geometry and 650b x 47mm tires mean you can spend more time on the road—any road.

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