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Kryptonite's Evolution Mini U-Lock may be a little guy, but it packs a big punch thanks to the 13mm hardened Performance steel shackle that resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks. Popular among urban cyclists and messengers, the Mini fits well in a pocket and locks up quickly thanks to the disc-style cylinder and "I" keys, one of which features a high-intensity LED light for locking and unlocking in the dark. And, it includes the Transit Flex Frame Bracket so you get plenty of mounting options while you ride. You get snug security thanks to the short crossbar and shackle on the 5.5-inch model, and if you need more space, simply choose the larger 9.5-inch model.

Features & Info

Key Safe Program

Kryptonite's Key Safe Program is an easy way to ensure you always have access to your lock's capabilities. Simply register your key number with Kryptonite and if you lose your keys, your first set of replacement keys are free!

Consumer Reviews

4.0 stars

(5 reviews)

80% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Lightweight  (4)
  • Ultra strong  (3)
  • Easy to Use  (2)
  • Durable 
  • Versatile 
  • Not Bulky 


  • Keys could be stronger 
  • Stiff mounting bracket 
  • Hard to Use 
  • Single Cylinder 
  • Too short in length 
  • Weak 

Best Uses

  • City bikes  (3)
  • Anywhere 
  • Mountain bikes 
  • Not just bikes 
  • Road bikes 
  • Childrens' Bikes 

Jun 03, 2014

Mini 9 is the perfect size

Versatile, Lightweight, Ultra Strong, Durable
Keys Could Be Stronger
Best Uses:
Mountain Bikes, City Bikes, Not Just Bikes, Road Bikes
The Evolution Mini-9 is the perfect size to lock your frame through your rear triangle to a bike rack or pole. This also secures the rear wheel. I use a separate cable lock with its own key for the front wheel and the frame. (I use 2 u locks for high risk areas) At 3.25 x 9.25 inches all the space within the lock is filled up by your bike making it difficult for a thief to insert car jacks to try to break the lock. This makes the mini 9 more secure than the larger u locks. A u lock should never be larger than needed. The flex frame bracket lets you carry the u lock on your bike frame. If you are going rough trail riding, do not put the lock in the bracket because that might put to much stress on the bracket and break it. It if best used for commute riding when you need to lock up your bike. I use a Velcro strap from the dollar store to secure the lock to the top tube of my bike to take some stress off the flex frame bracket. This might solve the problem that I have read others having regarding the bracket breaking. The evolution series of locks are stronger than the Kryptonite series 2 locks. The mini 9 comes with a one year $2000 anti-theft warranty, but you must register it on the Kryptonite website within 15 days of purchase. Always read the fine print when it comes to lock anti-theft warranties. The keys seem a bit fragile so care must be taken to not break them inside the lock. This lock is strong, but It and all u locks on the market can be cut by determined thief using cordless power tools, but that makes a lot of noise and attracts lots of attention. Having said that, this lock should give you years of peace of mind and keep your bike from getting stolen. Remember to lock your bike absolutely every time! Because it only takes a second for someone to jump on your bike, and its gone! NOTE: I have seen videos on YouTube of one Key from a Kryptonite lock opening up other locks from Kryptonite. I don't know how common this is but it is another reason to back up your u lock with a cable lock. Also the mini 5 and 9 have 13 mm shackles which can't be cut with bolt cutters under 36 inches. I have heard that 42" heavy duty bolt cutters can possibly cut this lock. These cutters are expensive, heavy and not to common. Most thieves like to use smaller cutters they can fit in a backpack. If this worries you then get the New York Lock. It is heaver and thicker and reportedly can not be cut by any size of bolt cutters.
by 1Knightrider99 from Winnipeg

Mar 26, 2010

Tiny Tank

Lightweight, Ultra Strong
Stiff Mounting Bracket
Best Uses:
This thing is tough, and its tiny. It'll probably only fit around your frame and a pole, so I recommend pairing it with a Kryptoflex cable to take care of your wheels.
by the quick sheep from Winnipeg, MB

Sep 10, 2009

This Lock Rocks

Easy to Use, Lightweight, Ultra Strong
Best Uses:
City Bikes
this lock really makes the thief think twice about stealing a bike.. they see the orange evolution emblem and they keep movin on
by Freddy from Chicago

Sep 21, 2008

small but mighty

Lightweight, Easy to Use
Best Uses:
City Bikes
This lock is great for the average city bike. It's small size means I can put it in my bag or lock it to my belt while riding! Downside is that because it's so small, the bike has to be really close to the object you want to lock to.
by lovemybike from Toronto

May 25, 2008

Mini Sized, Maximum Price, Security?

Not Bulky, Small
Too short in length, Weak, Single Cylinder, Hard to Use
Best Uses:
Childrens' Bikes
I just bought a new Bike and the salesman sold me Wheel Lock Skewers, and told me that since I wasn't going to take off my front Wheel with a quick release mechanism, I should buy this smaller Krytonite Lock. Having had a quick release Wheel on my Bike for the last 20 years, I never had a problem locking up my Bike anywhere. But I am concerned about the short shackle, should I decide to lock it somewhere without enough room to secure my Bike around the Frame and Wheel.
by Old School from Chicago, Il.