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2022, 32, K, FLOAT Tape r Cast, 700c, F-S, 40, FIT4, 3Pos-Adj, Shiny Blk, Kashima/Gold Logo, Kabolt 12x100, 1.5 T, 45mm Rake, AM The intended use of uses for gravel bikes is becoming ever broader and the routes traveled are becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, the consideration of building a suspension fork for more comfort and driving pleasure on the gravel bike is only the logical consequence. Thanks to the ultra-light Fox 32 Taper Cast, optimized for gravel bikes, replacing the rigid fork is now even easier. With a weight of only 1226 grams (abbreviated, manufacturer information), it is the lightest suspension fork Fox has ever made. Their slim taper-cast design improves air resistance and blends in perfectly with the look of modern gravel bikes. In addition, it is mainly responsible for the extremely low weight of the fork. The shapely casting is made possible by the smaller air chamber of the fork with 40 millimeters of spring travel, compared to MTB suspension forks with greater spring travel. The adapted, smaller air chamber also ensures that the fork works optimally for many riders without installing volume spacers. If necessary, up to 4 spacers can be installed to adjust the spring characteristic. The proven lower leg bypass channels ensure optimal oil circulation and help to achieve optimal performance using the entire spring travel. Also striking about the design of the 32 Taper Cast is the fork bridge that has moved to the back of the fork, which enables a lower position and thus material savings. In addition, the fork bridge, which is not visible from the front, also contributes to the slim appearance of the fork. For a wide intended use of uses, the fork is equipped with a 330 millimeter long steerer tube, which also makes it compatible with particularly comfortable seating positions on bikes with a long head tube. The mudguard brackets included in the scope of delivery ensure untroubled driving fun even in bad weather. NOTE: The fork is not suitable for 650b tires as the chassis limits the width to 30 millimeters for this tire size. 3- POS FIT4 The fourth generation of the patented FIT4 (FOX Isolated Technology) encapsulated cartridge system offers three compression settings (open, medium and firm) that can be adjusted on the fly to adapt to the terrain conditions at any time. The Factory Series forks also feature a low-speed, 22-click compression adjuster in open mode, allowing riders to fine-tune suspension performance to their preferences. The FIT4 cartridge damper has been redesigned based on the award-winning HSC/LSC damper, so that all forks now have a significantly more powerful damper. This year, the FIT4 damper has been updated with an updated tuning that provides more sensitivity yet firm support. FLOAT AIR SPRING The FLOAT air spring system reduces the breakaway torque and thus offers a highly sensitive fork and full comfort even with small bumps. And that for every type of driver and at different air pressures. Similar to the FLOAT struts, the FLOAT spring system is characterized by a positive and a negative air chamber, which automatically balance each other out while riding. Each rider enjoys the benefits of the correct, precisely balanced air pressure in both air chambers. The progression of the spring characteristic can be adjusted with our air volume spacers - which enables every driver to precisely adjust the characteristics of the air spring. AIR VOLUME SPACERS The FLOAT air spring on our forks and struts can be fine-tuned through the use of volume spacers to make the spring elements more or less progressive. This allows the rider to fine-tune the suspension exactly to their needs. Technical specifications: Area of intended use : Gravel E-bike ready: no Wheel size: 28" Material fork crown/shaft: aluminium Material standpipes: anodized aluminum Standpipe diameter: 32 mm Material immersion tubes: aluminium Axle standard : 12 x 100 mm Kabolt thru axle type Steerer tube: 1.5" to 1 1/8" tapered Steerer tube length: 330 mm Travel: 40mm Spring system: Float Air, air Adaptation of the spring characteristic: yes, via volume spacers Cushioning: 3-pos FIT4, closed cartridge Lockout: fork crown Installation height: 435.5 mm Brake Mount: Flat Mount Max. permissible brake disc size: 180 mm Tire diameter max.: 700c (not compatible with 650b wheels) Tire width max.: 50 mm (45 mm when using fenders) Rake: 50mm Colour: shiny black, logos - gold, standpipes - Kashima gold Weight according to the manufacturer: 1226g Weight weighed: 1283g (45 mm rake version, uncut steerer tube, without thru axle and accessories) Included: 1x FOX suspension fork 2022 28" 32 TC Factory Float FS 40 Taper-Cast 3-Pos Adjust FIT4 shiny black 50 mm rake 1x FOX thru axle Kabolt 2x volume spacers 2x brackets for mounting mudguards
The 34 Step-Cast Factory is the choice for riders who want an all-round fork that performs in a vast range of applications: lightweight for climbs and highly capable for demanding terrain with enough travel to instill confidence when the trail gets rough. Weight savings are attributed to external lower casting steps, hollow lower section, and shortened shaft lengths. - Step-Cast chassis - Genuine Kashima Coating on upper tubes - FIT4 damper and FLOAT EVOL air spring - Dedicated air spring and damper tune are specific for this travel range, with a lighter tune at mid and higher velocities
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